What is difference between Public IP and Private IP?

What is difference between Public IP and Private IP Address? Do you know it? If you don’t know it, read this article attentively first to last. Here I will try to describe Public IP address and Private IP Address. So read this article properly.

We all almost use internet. Because internet is very essential things in our worldly life. When we connect internet by the provider, they set up an IP address by “p p  p o e (username and password), or D H C P or Static system”. This IP can be Private IP address or Public IP address. They will provide you which you need.

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Generally, they provide us Private IP address. Because it is not public and it has no extra cost. That’s why they provide Private IP address to general customers. They also provide Public IP address in Large business, company or other official purposes. Because it is Real IP address which will be able to access in worldwide. And It costs a lot. So general users do not need it. That’s why they provide private IP address to general customers.

Difference between Public IP and Private IP Address:

Public IP Address is that’s IP Address which has existed in the world. On the other hand, Private IP Address has no existence in the world. It is used only providers area. But it has no existence in the world. But Public IP Address has existence in the world. Here we will be able to this address Country, City, Region, and others. Internet web servers, Domain Name System servers, network routers as well as directly connected with the computers use Public IP address. It’s responsible for assigning a range of addresses to organizations like the Internet Service Providers (ISP). Because they own these IP ranges. They assign individual Public IP addresses to their customers. IP addresses can be categorized as Public IP and Private IP. Private IP address cannot be reached via the Internet, whereas Public IP address can. Because Public IP Address has existence in the world.

IPv4 and IPv6:

There are two types of IP addresses which one is IPv4(Internet Protocol version 4) and 2nd is IPv6(Internet Protocol version 6). Currently, most devices are on Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). And Internet Protocol version 4 is the fourth-grade creation of IP addressing technology. Almost everyone is using fourth-generation technology which is IPv4. And the internet protocol version 6, it’s mean IPv6 has been set up for to-be increase and currently, the latest version of addressing technology will increase and which has been improved.

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