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    Do you know, What is an IP Address? IP address means, Internet Protocol address. There is no doubt that you’ve heard the term “IP Address”. It is a numerical level assigned to each device that is connected to a network.

    What is IP Address

    An IP address stands for “Internet Protocol”. The address part refers to a unique number that gets linked to all online activity which you will do. This protocol address is an identifying number for a computer, laptop, mobile or another device. An Internet Protocol Address allows a device to communicate with other devices over an IP based network. This Internet Protocol Address is an internet user identification number. Internet Protocol Address stands for internet protocol, so an IP address is an internet protocol address. An Internet Protocol Address provides an identification. It provides an identity to a networked device. So, it is a unique number for identification.

    What is an IP Address?

    Internet Protocol Address is an address which is a unique number to identify all users. IP Address is a short name of Internet Protocol Address. There are two way to get Protocol Address,

    • Dynamic And
    • Static

    When your computer hooked up with the internet, one or another way. When you go online to do your work (such as email checking, to shop, chat or browsing), your request is sent to over Internet Protocol Address to the right destination. And the response comes back directly to you over the Internet Protocol Address. You and your computer network actually connect to the internet indirectly:

    • At first, you have to connect to a network that is connected to the internet itself.
    • And Grants or gives your access to the internet.

    When you are at home, an Internet Protocol Address is assigned to your computer by your internet service provider. When they will give you access to use the internet that’s the time you will be able to use the internet. Because they set a private or public Internet Protocol address for you to use the internet.

    When we sent any data from here to other people that’s the moment it is used “Domain Name System” servers to look up a host-name to find it’s Internet Protocol Address. For example, when you will enter a website into your browser, your request will load that page is sent to “Domain Name System” servers that lookup that host-name to find it’s corresponding Internet Protocol Address.

    Is possible to use the Internet without an IP Address?

    No, it is not possible to use the Internet without an Internet Protocol Address. Because it is an identification address for use the internet. To use the internet, you must have an Internet Protocol Address. Without this IP Address, you will not be able to use the internet. So IP Address is essential to use the internet. No one will be able to use the internet without an Internet protocol address.

    Here are two categories of IP Addresses.

    You have an IP address to use the internet. If you use private IP which is provided by your ISP, you will able to use the internet. Because your ISP has a unique Public IP. Without Public IP anyone will not be able to use the internet. Firstly, you have to use private IP under the Public IP (Internet Protocol) Address. Here Public IP is a global communication Internet Protocol Address. It is an identification number. Anyone will be able to use this internet. But one condition for use the internet that you have to stay under Public IP. Then you will be able to use the internet. Because there are many users in the world, but how do possible to communicate with each other? So it is a way to identify anyone on the internet by Internet Protocol Address.

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