What is Private IP Address?

Do you know, What is Private IP Address? Private IP address that’s Internet Protocol Address which we use our private Institution, Home or other private types of area. That’s mean it is not public. It is restricted to a small area where we provide internet or another person provides their internet. That’s why here we can say that it is determinate with limited area. That’s mean it is not able to access from anywhere to here. Private IP Address is restricted in an area where the provider or we will provide internet service using Private IP Address.

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Private means Personal. No one can access this from worldwide. So It is a private network. Generally, Broadband service provider provides their internet using private internet protocol address. But It is not possible to access from worldwide anywhere. So This Internet Protocol Address use for only privately. Like Home, Personal Business, Office etc. So it is only for personal use.

What is Private IP Address?

It is considered private if the IP Address falls within one of the IP address ranges reserved for private networks such as Local Area Network. Local Area Network Means LAN connection. Or we can say broadband connection. If you use a private IP, you will not be able to access your computer, laptop or other devices from worldwide. So, Private IP address used only for personal use. Otherwise, you have to use public IP Address.

Network Architecture
IP Address ClassIP Leading
Size of network bit fieldSize of rest
bit field
of networks
Number of addresses
per network
Start IP addressEnd IP address
A Class IP0824128 (27)16777216 (224)
B Class IP10161616384 (214)65536 (216)
C Class IP1102482097152 (221)256 (28)
Reserved private Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) network ranges
Start IP AddressEnd IP AddressNumber of addresses

Here, Ranges 127.x.x.x are reserved for the loop-back or local-host. For an example, is the loop-back address. And the Range broadcasts to all hosts on the local network.

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