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    What is Public IP Address?


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    Do you know, What is Public IP address? A Public IP address is a globally unique Internet Protocol address that is assigned by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). This Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) can be dynamic or static. Here dynamic IP address will change using “D H C P” and on the other hand A Static IP address generally you have to configure on your Computer, Laptop, Router or other devices.

    What is Public IP Address by (Salehin Sohag)

    A Public IP address assigned ever computer or laptop that connects to the internet where each IP Address is unique. There cannot exist two computers with the same Public IP all over the internet. So one IP is for one device for using the internet. It is a unique address. A user has no control over the Public Internet Protocol Address (Public IP Address) that is assigned to the computer and the Public Internet Protocol Address is unique. It will be able to communicate worldwide anywhere. Anyone have no right to use this address. So, It provides the customer with his internet service provider.

    What is the Public IP Address?

    Actually, Public IP Address is an externally facing Internet Protocol Address that’s provided by our ISP (Internet Service Provider). And a Public Address is accessible by anyone on the internet. This external Internet Protocol Address is critical for opening ports used for gaming, running an email or any web server, or setting up a remote control connection. A Public Address is the one that will your ISP provides to identify your home network. It is a totally unique address. Anyone will be able to access your computer by using the Public Address. It is always unique. It is not possible to duplicate a public internet protocol address.

    When you are setting up your router, if your Internet Service Provider issued you a static IP Address, you have to enter it into your router configuration settings.

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