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    Best Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS – Eid Ul Adha 2024 Bangla SMS


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    Welcome to Top and Best Bangla EID Mubarak SMS collection. If you are searching Bangla EID Mubarak SMS for sending your friends, family, or others here you will get all kinds of collection. So, here you have to see and find out which is important for you. We collected many quotes as SMS, Picture, or Image for the EID celebration and invitation.

    If you need to send wishes to your parents, friends, husband, wife, brother, sister, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc person, you can find the best SMS from here. Here we collected many good messages.

    You can also check the Top 10 Bangla EID Mubarak SMS, Picture, Images. Now, I’m going to showing you the best Eid Ul Adha Bangla SMS. So, read this article attentively and find out which message you want to send your besties. This is the best way to wish any people with this type of new SMS.

    Eid day means joy and a happy celebration. So on this day, we share happiness with our besties to each other. If you need this type of wishing message, you can find it here. Because here you will get all kinds of latest and all types of messages which you want.

    Bangla Eid Ul Adha and Fitr SMS:

    Mon Chaise Karo Sathe Kotha Boli,
    Mon Chaise Kono PriyoJon K Shoron Kori.
    Eid Mubarak Bolar Siddhanto Jokhon Nilam,
    Vablam Tomake Diye Suru Kori.
    Eid Mubarak.

    Mon Chaise Karo Sathe Kotha Boli - Bangla Eid SMS

    Chithi Diye Noy, Ful Diye Noy, Card Diye Noy, Call Diye Noy,
    Moner Gohin Theke Misti SMS Diye Janai Sobaike
    Ogrim Eid Er Suveccha.

    Chithi Diye Noy - Bangla SMS Special Day

    Kiso Kotha Obakto Royee Jay,
    Kiso Onuvoti Moner Majhe Theke Jay,
    Kisu Valobashar Smrite Nirobe Kade.
    Sudhu Ai Din Sob Vuliyee Day.

    Kisu Kotha Obakto Royee Jay - Bangla Eid SMS

    J Din Dakbo Eid Er Chad,
    Kushi Mone Katabo Rat.
    Notun Saje Sajbo J Din
    Sedin Holo Eid Er Din.
    Anonde Katabo Sara Din.

    J Din Dakbo Eid Er Chad - Bangla SMS of Eid

    Rangdhanu Asea Ronger Tane
    Subas Asea Fuler Tane.
    Bondhu Asea Bondhur Tane,
    Mon Chole Jay Moner Tane,
    Kushi Asea Eid Er Tane.

    Rangdhanu Asea Ronger Tane - Eid SMS Bangla

    That’s all was the topic which was about Eid. Here we collected some best messages for you. Here you can find your SMS which you searching for. If you have also more best SMS, you can write to us here using the comment box.


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