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    Hide Recycle Bin and Hide Computer from desktop


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    Hide Recycle Bin and Hide Computer from Desktop. Today’s Our Today’s topics are how to hide recycle bin from desktop and how to hide Computer from Desktop. You can hide Recycle Bin from your computer easily and you also can hide or Show Computer, User’s Files, Control Panel, Network. You can do it easily. Sometimes we need to hide Recycle Bin and Computer and others icon from Desktop when you can do it easily. Suppose, you want to hide some icon from your computer so that some people can not find it on your desktop easily.

    Hide Recycle Bin Hide Computer from desktop

    Hide Recycle Bin and Hide Computer from Desktop.

    During this time you have to follow my article attentively to hide recycle bin and hide Computer from your desktop. Not only Recycle Bin hide tips but also other things you can hide from Desktop. To do this at first you have to follow all the steps and read it attentively. Now I’m going to start my today’s topics.

    Hide Recycle Bin on Windows 7

    • At first, you have to Right click from your mouse on Desktop.
    • Then you will see a menu and click Personalize.
    • Then click Change desktop icon from there.
    • A window will appear before you which title is Desktop Icon Settings
    • then uncheck Recycle Bin from Desktop icons to hide Recycle Bin from your desktop.

    Desktop Icon Setting

    • Then click apply then OK.

    I hope your Recycle Bin will hide from your desktop.

    Hide Computer on Windows 7

    • If you want to hide Computer from your desktop, you have to go Personalize like before you done.
    • Then you have to click on Change desktop icon.
    • you have to uncheck Computer to hide Computer icon from your desktop.
    • Then Click apply and OK.

    Now, I hope your Computer icon will be hidden from your desktop. (Hide Recycle Bin and Hide Computer from Desktop)

    Note: Not only Recycle Bin But also Computer, User’s Files, Control Panel, Network you can hide from the Desktop from there. Just you have to uncheck from there which you want to hide from Desktop. You can Show which does not show on your desktop. Just you have to check which you want to show on desktop. Though my today’s topics are small, it is very important to hide recycle bin from Desktop or hide Computer from Desktop. It is not important to us but sometimes we need to do this. We can use this trick importantly or funny. Because we can do this trick to hide recycle bin and computer icon from the desktop from saving my data from a person who doesn’t know how to use a computer or we can use this trick as a fun for entertainment.

    Thank you very much for reading my article properly. If you have any kinds of question, you can ask me in the comment box. We will try to reply your comment’s as soon as possible. Always we try to solve your Computer and laptop related problem if we can. So at this moment, I would like to conclude here. Again I will back with new topics.

    To get more solution about Computer and Laptop, stay with us.


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