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    Download Any Online Streaming Video! We all use the internet and sometimes we use the internet for watching new Movie, Songs, Entertainment etc. But some video clips or full movie we need to download from those kinds of website. Today I will try to show how to download any online streaming video easily. So, if you need to know about this matter, just read this article attentively and follow all my steps.

    Abide by Laws: Read Cyber law of your country before reading this article. If you continue to read, it means you accept cyber laws of your respective country and will not misuse your knowledge.

    There are many websites where you can see the streaming videos. Sometimes we like those video and try to get but we don’t get those anywhere. Here we will show how to do save online streaming videos easily. I’m again saying that our today’s topic is educational purposes only. So, don’t misuse your knowledge. Now I’m going to starting our today’s topic’s tutorial. So, follow my all steps to know how to save online video streaming from any kinds of website. So, read and follow my all steps attentively.

    How to Download Any Online Streaming Video?

    Many times we need to download many videos which we chose on the first watch. That’s the moment, you can save those videos from that website easily. But don’t try to apply this trick those kinds of the website where you don’t have any permission to save or download videos.

    Note: Don’t try to do apply this trick in those kinds of the website where you haven’t permission to download video from that website. Because you should not lose anyone. Here I’m showing you for only learning purpose. Otherwise, leave this topic. If you continue to read this topic, it means you accepted cyber laws of your respective country and will not misuse your knowledge. Now I’m going to start our today’s topic How to Download Any Online Streaming Video Easily!

    How to Download Any Online Streaming Videos

    • Firstly download a screen recorder app (any screen recorder apps)
    • Already I’ve two software for screen record which I installed before. Here we need just one software for screen recording. You can use any software which you want. I will show you using two software which I have already installed.  One is “Live Screen Capture” of Corel & another is “CamRecorder” of Camtasia 9.

    Top two Screen Recording Apps

    • If you use the “Live Screen Capture” of Corel, you have to just open “Live Screen Capture” app.
    • Then you will see an interface which caption will be “Live Screen Capture” if you use this software.

    Live Screen Capture of Corel

    • Then you have to open a video from a website which you want to copy or save to your PC. And play those video.
    • Now you have click “Red” icon of Live Screen Capture app and it will be started automatically and minimize.
    • Then make the full screen of that video which you want to save or copy to your computer as a full HD.
    • When your video playing will end then you have click stop button from Live Screen Capture app.
    • Now you will see that you are done to record the video fully using Live Screen Capture of Corel.

    To edit that video after the end of the recording, you must have to see our next topic where we will show how to edit manually of the recorded video. For this, there I will show how to do this easily using the CamRecorder of Camtasia 9 or any version of Camtasia. So, stay tuned with us to learn.


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