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    WiFi is Dangerous for human health


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    WiFi is Dangerous for human health! Here we describe some reasons which are very important to know everyone. So here I try to describe, why WiFi is dangerous for human health? So read this article first to last.

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    Researchers found was that after just using 5 hours a WiFi connected laptop or any device, a significant decrease in the skill of sperm was observed. Moreover, an increment in sperm DNA fragmentation accompanied the harm. People who spend long times studying, reading, watching movies or playing games on the laptop resting on their superior legs could develop this skin syndrome. This skin condition is common among people often manifested to heat while working. Now people are facing this for using laptops long times. It is not only harmful, but it is also more and more harmful for everyone. So be careful about it.

    WiFi is Dangerous for human health

    WiFi is Dangerous for human health:

    When we use WiFi on our laptop or other electronic devices, it is so very effective and harmful for every human health. Scientific evidence clears and shows that microwave radiation is effective things for a human. Some of the organizations, as well have also given very strong warnings about this matter that WiFi radiation emits are harmful to human. This may be the risk for your reproductive health. And laptop radiation also linked with Testicular Cancer. DNA damage is an important forerunner to cancer and RF can be the cause of Your DNA damage.

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    During use WiFi and radiation emits. It makes the dangerous environment which is very effective and very harmful for everyone. So we should not use WiFi for long periods and we should use wired to use the internet. During radiation emits, our sperm DNA fragmentation and it can be very dangerous for everyone. So should know about this matter and shouldn’t use it for a long time. It causes cancer. So use your WiFi when you need it and turn off it others time. Don’t turn on it unnecessary times.


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