Ramadan Time Table 2020 – Iftar Time Today & Sehri Time Today

Ramzan Calendar 2020

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On this happy day, you are now welcome here. And best wishes to everyone. Muslim people are very happy to get this important day. If you are a Muslim people, You are very fortunate. Here you come for knowing the time schedule for this Ramadan. Because this is a very important thing for every Muslim people on this day.

Roza Time Table 2020 – Ramadan Calendar 2020

SLDateDaySehri’s Last TimeFajr Waqt BeginsIftar Time
125 AprilSaturday4:05:00 AM4:11:00 AM6:28:00 PM
226 AprilSunday4:04:00 AM4:10:00 AM6:29:00 PM
327 AprilMonday4:03:00 AM4:09:00 AM6:29:00 PM
428 AprilTuesday4:02:00 AM4:08:00 AM6:29:00 PM
529 AprilWednesday4:01:00 AM4:07:00 AM6:30:00 PM
630 AprilThursday4:00:00 AM4:06:00 AM6:30:00 PM
71 MayFriday3:59:00 AM4:05:00 AM6:31:00 PM
82 MaySaturday3:58:00 AM4:04:00 AM6:31:00 PM
93 MaySunday3:57:00 AM4:03:00 AM6:32:00 PM
104 MayMonday3:55:00 AM4:00:00 AM6:32:00 PM
115 MayTuesday3:54:00 AM4:00:00 AM6:33:00 PM
126 MayWednesday3:53:00 AM3:59:00 AM6:33:00 PM
137 MayThursday3:52:00 AM3:58:00 AM6:34:00 PM
148 MayFriday3:51:00 AM3:57:00 AM6:34:00 PM
159 MaySaturday3:50:00 AM3:56:00 AM6:35:00 PM
1610 MaySunday3:50:00 AM3:56:00 AM6:35:00 PM
1711 MayMonday3:49:00 AM3:55:00 AM6:36:00 PM
1812 MayTuesday3:49:00 AM3:55:00 AM6:36:00 PM
1913 MayWednesday3:48:00 AM3:54:00 AM6:36:00 PM
2014 MayThursday3:48:00 AM3:54:00 AM6:37:00 PM
2115 MayFriday3:47:00 AM3:53:00 AM6:37:00 PM
2216 MaySaturday3:47:00 AM3:53:00 AM6:38:00 PM
2317 MaySunday3:46:00 AM3:52:00 AM6:38:00 PM
2418 MayMonday3:46:00 AM3:52:00 AM6:39:00 PM
2519 MayTuesday3:45:00 AM3:51:00 AM6:39:00 PM
2620 MayWednesday3:44:00 AM3:50:00 AM6:40:00 PM
2721 MayThursday3:44:00 AM3:50:00 AM6:40:00 PM
2822 MayFriday3:43:00 AM3:49:00 AM6:41:00 PM
2923 MaySaturday3:43:00 AM3:49:00 AM6:42:00 PM
3024 MaySunday3:42:00 AM3:48:00 AM6:42:00 PM

Sehri Time Today

Every night during Ramadan, all Muslims eat Sehri to fast. Because it is the rules for fasting. And it has an exact time for each day. According to the GMT/UTC +6, Today is May 12, 2020. So, the Ramadan Sehri Last Time Today is 03:49:00 AM.

Iftar Time Today

You already know that each Muslim people fast all-day during the Ramadan time. After a specific time, they take Iftar. According to the GMT/UTC +6, Today is May 12, 2020. So the Ramadan Iftar Time Today is 06:36:00 PM.

Iftar Time Today

Ramadan Time Table 2020 PDF, Image Download

Islamic Foundation in Bangladesh published a time schedule for the Ramadan. This is very important for all Muslims in BD. So, you can know the date, day, and also more information from here very easily. Another hand, you can also download it from here very easily without any kind of problem.

Ramadan Time Table 2020

I know you everyone is searching Ramzan Time Table for the year 2020. So you are now in the right place to get the Ramzan Date & Time Schedule for the year 2020.

First Day of Ramadan 2020

Every Muslim people will be fasting On this day. And they do it. Not only the adults, but the younger ones want to fast with enthusiasm these days. Because The month of Ramadan is the month of mercy. So, this month really the best month than the other month. It is really a special month for all Muslim people. So, all Muslim people collect the Ramadan Time Table quickly to know the schedule of Sehri, Iftar & Namaz.


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