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    Check Valid Phone by BTRC, Legal Mobile IMEI Justify 2022


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    Check Valid Phone by BTRC, Legal Mobile IMEI Justify 2022, Check IMEI from BTRC – Verify Your Mobile Phone! Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission already started to prevent illicit mobile phone selling and import. So, they started a new system.

    All handsets will be covered under registration. Now, the recent new model mobile phone that has the authority or licenses to sell the mobile phone is already in the listed of BTRC databases. So, this is a very important thing to verify a new model mobile phone before purchase. So, you can easily check this easily.

    Now illegal, unauthorized, forbidden phones can not be used in this country. There are three categories of this IMEI. There one is White. That means, Your phone is legal and it is permitted by the government. Such as, if you purchase from any smartphone Show Room that has legal authority.
    Another is Gray. That means this phone brings from another country that is not permitted to use in this country. But you can use that phone by making it white during the BTRC instructions period otherwise not. Such as, If your relative works in another country he/she sent a mobile phone for you.
    And the Blacklist is black. That means you will never be able to use that smartphone in this country. Such as the speculation businessman. Those who import illegal phones with tax evasion and subsequently sell them.

    Notice Regarding Buying Selling of Illegal Counterfeit Clone Mobile Phone Handset:

    The main cause is to reduce mobile phone-centric crime and sell handsets, illegal importation, and ban fake handsets. On January 22, 2019, The International Mobile Device Identification (IMEI) Number Database has been declared. Now all kinds of prohibited mobile phones can be detected, and even stolen mobile phones can be locked.

    Check Valid Phone by BTRC, Legal Mobile IMEI Justify

    How to Check Valid Phone IMEI by BTRC?

    How to do an Official phone check in Bangladesh? You can check your phone IMEI is valid or illegal by BTRC. So, you have to follow these steps. Before checking Valid Phone information, you must need your mobile phone IMEI. So, at first ready to note your IMEI somewhere. If you don’t know your phone IMEI number, you must have to type dialer *#06# from your phone. But remember that no need to dial. Just type those in the dialer then you will see your IMEI.

    • Now go to your message options and type “KYD<space>IMEI Number
    • Then send it to “16002

    check IMEI from BTRC

    Then you will get your information in the feedback if you can complete this all steps properly.
    For example: KYD 123458789658547 and send it to 16002.

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