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    1GE EPON ONU Router Price & Features


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    Welcome to 1GE EPON ONU Router Price and Features topic! ONU means Optical Network Unit, PON means Passive Optical Network and EPON means Ethernet Passive Optical Network. I hope you are guessing something like that EPON is a device of Ethernet. That means it is a device that works or an essential thing to use the internet. Yes, you are right. This device is like a router. We use this EPON as the media converter alternative. It has many features which is important that’s why we use this EPON ONU device.


    This device is designed for FTTH, FTTO applications. It supports 1000Base-PX20+ standard and maximum optical splitting ratio 1:64. And the distance 20km which provides 1Uplink GE PON port. The EPON ONU can simultaneously realize flexible network structure and maintenance with OLT and can provide total FTTx solutions.

    1GE EPON ONU Router Features & Full Specification

    • Model: 1GE EPON ONU
    • Standard: IEEE802.3ah
    • PON Port: 1 EPON ports, SC/PC connector
    • Ether Port: 1 Ethernet port 10/100/1000Mbps Auto adaptive, Full/Half duplex, RJ45 connector
    • Wavelength: Rx 1490nm, Tx 1310nm
    • PON Information: EPON State, OAM Link, Optical Module Input Power(dBm),Optical Module Output Power(dBm), Optical Module Supply Voltage(uV), Optical Transmitter Bias Current(uA), Operating Temperature of the Optical Module(°C)
    • PON Alarm: PonSymPerAlarm, PonFrameAlarm, PonFraPerAlarm, PonSecSumAlarm, PonDygaspAlarm, PonLinkAlarm, PonCirEveAlarm
    • Port Configuration: Mode, Port Isolation, Rate Limiting, Flow Control, MAC Configuration, VLAN
    • Security: Firewall (Enable Anti-Hacking Protection), Service Control (using IP Address), MAC Filter
    • Application: MultiCast, BPDU, DNS Service, Port Forwarding
    • MultiCast: IGMP Mode, Basic Configuration, VLAN Configuration, Tag Configuration, Maximum Address Configuration
    • Administration: User Management, Login Timeout, System Management, Diagnosis, Loopback Detection, Led Control
    • WAN Connection: Connection Name, Enable VLAN, Type, Service List, MTU, Link Type, Enable NAT, IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack, DHCP/PPPOE/Static IP, Static route, NAT
    • LED Indicator: Power up or down, Optical Link Status, Link Status of Ethernet Interface
    • PON Throughput: Downstream 950Mbps; Upstream 930Mbps
    • Ethernet: 1000Mbps
    • Packet Loss Ratio:<1*10E-12
    • Latency: <1.5ms
    • Power: 12V DC Power supply
    • PON Interface: 1 EPON optical interface, Symmetric1.25Gbpsupstream/downstream, Split ratio:1:64, Transmission distance 20KM

    1GE EPON ONU Price

    1GE EPON ONU Price in Bangladesh BDT. 1320
    1GE EPON ONU Price in India Rs. 1150


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