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    EPON | Ethernet Passive Optical Network


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    EPON means Ethernet Passive Optical Network! Do you know, what is EPON Technology? Here we will try to explain and discuss this topic. So read this topic from the first to the last. PON is Passive Optical Networks which only uses fiber like splitters and combiners. EPON uses only Ethernet connectivity. It is a good thing for use the internet for a long time without disconnecting problem during the working time. Cause, it is direct control room to users home service. If the user’s home is not happening electricity problem, the user can use the internet without disconnect problem. On the other hand, when you will use the Media converter, you can face the electricity problem. Cause this Media Converter needs the electricity in every divided area. But the EPON don’t need this kind of thing. It is direct control room to user’s home.


    EPON (Ethernet PON)

    Generally, bandwidth is distributed to 1.25Gbit/s. You can use this device to get up to 1.25Gbps speed. Not only this, this device is good for use the internet without the problem of electricity and other things. If you want to use this device, you have to know that Is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) are able to provide this service? That means, Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) needs a device where your EPON will connect to their device.

    OLT to ONU

    In this time, many Internet Service Provider (ISP) using this EPON device to give the batter service that’s why user not needed to purchase this kind of device. So it is a good thing. Personally, I use this device in my home. This device connection comes from the provider’s control room to my home directly. Though there has Splitter to divide this connection, it doesn’t matter. Cause, there not need any kinds of electricity.

    At last, we can say that EPON is a good thing for use internet without disturbing of the electricity. If you need to purchase the Ethernet PON device, you can see on this website the model and price of this device. Here we showed the price, features and also more the information on this device. If you like this, just leave a reply and stay connected with us to get all kinds of latest information.

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