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    DGS3130 Series Lite Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches


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    DGS3130 Series Lite Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches also more information! Recently the D-Link has launched their new generation Lite Layer 3 Managed Gigabit switch which is the DGS-3130 series. It is great for use. And this is 24 or 48 10/100/1000BASE-T or SFP-based models and including two models. This switch is Full PoE supply to provide a fully managed switch portfolio. If need the opportunity for the switch, you can use this series switch. It will play a very important role for your convenience.

    DGS3130 Series Lite Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches

    D-Link launches next-gen DGS3130 Series Lite Layer 3 stackable managed switches which are perfect for using the more opportunity to use this type switch. The series DGS-3130-54PS, DGS-3130-54TS, DGS-3130-54S, DGS-3130-30PS, DGS-3130-30TS and DGS-3130-30S, and the Switches include six built-in 10G stacking/uplink ports. And this provides flexibility with a variety of high physical stacking bandwidth and port coordination.

    With the introduction of the next generation DGS-3130 series, the high-performance stable-powered switch, D-Link continues to provide great value for partners and their business customers for improved switching connection solutions.

    A dedicated management port, separate from data ports, provides access to management even during high traffic congestion, equipment errors, or network attacks. All models in the series provide built-in high-power 6kV wave protection, which protects switches against electric circus and thunder strikes damage.

    Though there are many companies who are making the switch, here we showed a good quality switch which will give you many opportunities. Cause it has all types of opportunity which is very important to have. So this is very good for using. If you have any kinds of question on this topic, you can write to us here. We will try to response your all kinds of comments as soon as possible. Here you also can flash your opinion. On the other hand, you can ask us here which you want to know. You can also check the EPON ONU.


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