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    Xiaomi Haylou LS01: Review, Specs, Features! This is a new model watch. This is looking so good. And it has many kinds of features that are very important. This model watch has a 1.3-inch color TFT display that resolution is 240 x 240 pixels. If you want to purchase this model of the new watch, you can purchase it from the nearest any local market where all kinds of the clock are sold. You can collect this model Watch easily.

    This Xiaomi smartwatch battery performance is well to use. Because this model clock uses a 210mAh Non-removable battery. This battery provides a battery life for 14 days. walking, running, hiking, treadmill, fitness, climbing, cycling, spinning, and yoga these nine sports modes supports in this model smartwatch.

    It also includes deep sleep, light sleep, wakefulness, and other conditions that help to control the quality of sleep and display and record sleep habits. That means sleep monitoring features exist in this Xiaomi smartwatch.

    Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Review:

    This is a smart clock/smartwatch. You can purchase this Xiaomi Haylou LS01 watch from online or any kind of the local market where the seller sold all kinds of the latest wristwatch. This is a very good thing for everyone who wants to purchase a new model clock.

    This model clock looks like a small smart mobile phone. This is a smart clock that supports Bluetooth to control it by the mobile phone. That means, your smartphone notification will appear in this model new clock. You can easily connect your smartphone to this model clock. It is amazing and awesome.

    Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

    You can purchase this Xiaomi brand’s Watch. Obviously you can purchase this model smart clock. Because you will get all kinds of the latest features that are important. In this model clock there exist many kinds of features that are impressive and very important.

    You already know that the Xiaomi already has a large portfolio of smartwatches, but that doesn’t stop them from developing new products. Despite rumors of a gadget coming up with Wear OS, the Chinese company has made a new and much more financial offer on the Yupin platform.

    Certainly not an OLED display, but it is an LCD display, but that would be an unrealistic expectation for any OLED display. This smartwatch is waterproof. And it’s weight is only 34g. So, it can stay in the water for 30 minutes.

    This model smartwatch can detect nine different types of physical activities. This is a special power of this smartwatch. Even without specifying what they are, it is very easy to see that sports such as the time of running, swimming, cycling, and also more such kinds of things.

    This model smart clock has the IP68 certification. It works against water and dust. That means, to prevent something wrong from the water and dust, it works very well. According to the specs, this model Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch is very good to use.

    Xiaomi Haylou LS01 – Specs

    • 1.3″ inch color TFT display
    • 240 x 240 pixels of Resolution
    • IP68 Certifications
    • Weight: 34 grams
    • 210mAh battery (Non-removable)
    • Bluetooth 4.2
    • Battery Life is 14 days
    • Compatibility: From Android 4.4 to the latest OS and iOS 8.0
    • 9 sports modes support
    • Activities show real-time
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Heart rate sensor
    • Breathing exercises
    • The remainder of long sitting
    • Silent alarm clock.
    • Dimensions: 40.9 x 35.7 x 11.6 mm
    • Colors: Silver & Black

    Xiaomi Haylou LS01: Price

    The most common and very important question is what is the price of Xiaomi Haylou LS01? If it is your question, the answer is the price is so cheap as the device specs & features. Because Xiaomi offers this Xiaomi Haylou LS01 exact price is around $36 in the almost online marketplace. You can collect this smartwatch from the nearest clock market.


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