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    World Religion Day 2024 – Third Sunday in January


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    World Religion Day 2024 (Third Sunday in January)! Every year third Sunday, of January World Religion Day is observed. Mainly, in the USA started to observe this day. Now almost every country observes this day as the International day.

    This Day is a celebration of America’s Baha’is beginning with the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States, beginning on the 5th. The third Sunday in January of every year is celebrated worldwide. Although it started in the United States, World Religion Day has been celebrated internationally.

    Now, this day is also known as International Day. The day is made by the special or the first event. The recent day is passing and another new day is coming and that day is made by the special event. Behind every National and International day, there is some special thing which is good for knowing and remembering details again in every year. You can also check the National Wildlife Day article where you can get information about Wildlife.

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    World Religion Day:

    World Religion Day – Third Sunday in January! Every year on the third Sunday of January, people of all cultures and backgrounds gather to celebrate World Religion Day. The day celebrates the generality of the world’s major religions.

    To your surprise, there may be more than 4,000 recognized religions in the world. These religions are made up of congregations, churches, faith groups, tribes, cultures, and movements. Although there are many here, three-fourths of the world’s population practices one of the five major religions. Of these religions, Islam has the most followers.

    When is World Religion Day in 2021?

    Everyone wants to know about this International Religion Day when it will be observed. And also want to know about this day’s history.

    International World Religion Day

    In this content, we already discussed the day’s history. Now, I hope that you are clear about this matter. This International Religion Day is observed every year on January third Sunday. This year, this World Religion Day will be observed on 21 January 2024, Sunday. Have there any kinds of questions about this matter? You can write your question here.

    How To Observe World Religion Day:

    Do you want to know how to observe World Religion Day? There are many ways to observe this International Day. Because this day is now an International day. Though at first, the United States of America started to observe this day in 1950. And this day started to observe by the other country’s people. So, now it is an International day.

    With so many religions and trust systems, how is it possible to find common ground? The goal of events that take place these days – is to recognize the similarities between different religions. For example, most religions have their own version of the “golden rule” This is the belief that treating others the way they should be treated is good.

    In addition to finding common ground, this day strives to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony. So, you can participate in this observation.

    To participate:

    • Join the interfaith service
    • Learn about different religions
    • Know about its history
    • Think about your own religious beliefs and how you got them
    • Talk to your kids about why your family practices religion

    World Religion Day Image

    Regardless of how you celebrate this day, be sure to check out #WorldReligionDay on social media. Make sure that you share this topic with your friends or others to know also more information from them. You can also write this message to others to celebrate and invite to others know about this day.

    World Religion Day 2024

    World Religion Day dates

    Year Date Day
    2021 January 17 Sunday
    2022 January 16 Sunday
    2023 January 15 Sunday
    2024 January 21 Sunday
    2025 January 19 Sunday
    2026 January 18 Sunday
    2027 January 17 Sunday
    2028 January 16 Sunday
    2029 January 21 Sunday
    2030 January 20 Sunday


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