World Kidney Day 2021 – International Kidney Day – WKD

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day 2021 – International Kidney Day! WKD is a worldwide health awareness campaign and focuses on the importance of kidneys and the frequency and effects of kidney disease and the health problems associated with it around the world.

World Kidney Day’s short meaning WKD! This day is keeping the most important role in worldwide for awareness. So, it is a very important day for every people to remember again of health awareness. If you want to keep healthy, you must have to aware of the bad habit to keep healthy of your Kidney.

For World Kidney Day 2021, major kidney charities and professional organizations in the UK are working together to raise awareness of the important role our kidneys play.

When is World Kidney Day 2021?

Each year the World Kidney Day is observed on the Second Thursday in March. So, In 2021 this day will be observed on March 11, Thursday. Every year the date can be changed but it will be celebrated on the Second Thursday. So, here the data does not matter. The WKD will be held every year the second Thursday in March. And this day draws global attention to the importance of kidney health.

International Kidney Day’s Activities

On this day we everyone can encourage other people to keep your kidney healthy. It is a very important day to remember us about the health of our bodies. So, we can do something good and also can share the awareness speech that is very helpful.

International Kidney Day

Some Important Activities:

  • The Body’s Filter
  • Encourage and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Know the Managing Kidney Disease
  • Encouraging Organ Donation
  • Maintaining Kidney Health

Make primary health care interventions (eg urine and blood tests) with access to screening tools for kidney disease Make screening and early diagnosis and treatment of high-risk individuals cost-effective for preventing or delaying end-stage kidney disease.

World Kidney Day 2021 Theme

“Kidney Health For Everyone in Everywhere” is the theme of this International WKD day. This is the main theme for this International day. It is a very important day that encourages everyone to be aware of keeping healthy our body. And this day’s Theme also strong that meaning also well.

World Kidney Day Observances

Year Date
2021 11 March
2022 10 March
2023 9 March
2024 14 March
2025 13 March


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