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    SSC Result 2020 Published Date – When will Published SSC Result?


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    SSC Result 2020 Published Date – When will Published SSC Result? Some days ago the Secondary School Certificate examination is ended. Now all students are getting angry to get their examination outcome. This is now trending news in Bangladesh. This is also very good news for the all examiner that the Education Board always try to publish their exam result as early as possible.

    According to our legal source, the education board will publish the Secondary School Certificate result in the proper time. So, you don’t overthink about this matter. You will be able to know when the education board will publish the result. Because they will announce about this matter.

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    SSC Result 2020 Publish Date

    Nowadays it is a very important topic in our society. So everyone always makes this question to each other after the end of the SSC examination. You everyone already know that the is the main official website for getting the Secondary School Certificate exam result. So, you could be collecting your outcome from this website.

    In this year there are participated a total of 21 lakh 35thousand 333 students in the exam of Bangladesh. In this total students, there are almost 10 lakh 70 thousand 441 students are boys. And also 10 lakh 64 thousand 892 students are girls. There are 50.13% examiner are boys and 49.87% examiner is girls.

    SSC Result Publish Date 2020

    These total 21,35,333 examiner participated in examination using three categories. And these three categories are General, Vocational & Madrasah Board. If we count the total examiner separately with these three boards, we got there are 3 lakh 10 thousand 172 students are from the Madrasah education board. Another 1 lakh 25 thousand 59 students are from the Vocational. Finally, the 17 lakh 102 students participated from the General sector.

    In this SSC examination, there are almost 3,497 Center. In this amount Center, there is a total of 28,682 institutions. In this SSC examination, there are exist 834 foreign candidates in this examination.

    When SSC result will publish 2020?

    After the ending SSC examination, almost students are thinking when will publish our SSC exam result in 2020? This is a very common question from everyone but very important. Because this is the day to start thinking about their college life that will depend on the result. Because, if the result is very good that students could get admission in a good college. So, this is a very important day for all SSC examiner.

    After the end of the exam, almost all students wait for getting their examination result date. Each year the SSC Result gets published after the 3 months from the end of the exam. All Education Board in Bangladesh will publish the SSC Result 2020 via an official notice on their website. Then everyone will be able to find out their exam score from there with mark sheet.

    Very likely, the SSC result will be published on 31 May 2020. We will update this topic if we get any official confirmation. So, wait and see the updates every day.

    SSS Exam Result Publish Date
    31 May 2020 at 2.00 PM | Marksheet will be available after 5.00 PM

    Is it an Actual Date?

    This is the unofficial date. That means this date is not an official announcement. So, this is not the actual date. You will get the actual date when the education board will declare about this matter, we will update this content date and time. For this, you must have to connect with us to get the latest information about the examination result publishing date in this year.

    This is now the final date for publishing the result. Because every year the education board changes the exam result publishing date continuously. So, there is no way to say the exact date. But this is now our expectation just that could be around the actual date. The exam result publishing date could be changed but until now all results publishing month are the same (May). We hope this year will be the same.

    SSC Result 2020 Published Date of Institution List

    • Barisal Board for Barisal Division
    • Chittagong Board for Chittagong Division
    • Comilla Board for Comilla Division
    • Dhaka Board for Dhaka Division
    • Dinajpur Board for Rangpur Division
    • Jessore board for Khulna Division
    • Madrasah Board
    • Mymensingh Board for Mymensingh Division
    • Rajshahi Board for Rajshahi Division
    • Sylhet Board for Sylhet Division
    • Technical Board

    How to get SSC Result 2020?

    There are many alternative methods to get your SSC examination result as early as possible. If you want to get your exam outcome very fast, you must have all kinds of methods that we already published on this website. So, you have to find out of your education board for the easy method to get the SSC examination result.

    You everyone already knows that the official server gets very busy with the huge amounts of the request by the people. So, you should follow the alternative methods to get your outcome as soon as possible. You will get a very easy method to collect and print your examination result very fast. And we also provide the instructions that will be helpful to find out your results very fast.

    What is the best method to get SSC Result 2020 very quickly?

    There are many kinds of methods for finding the examination result. During the result of the publishing period, the server gets very busy. So, many people can not find their SSC result. But I recommend you to send SMS via Teletalk SIM to get your SSC exam result in 2020 very quickly before everyone. Because this is the best alternative method via the SMS system during the server busy of the official board.

    Where we will get SSC Outcome Online System?

    If you want to get your SSC Result 2020 Check Online, you must have to go to the official website where you will get your examination outcome easily. You could be easily collect your exam outcome very quickly from this official website.


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