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    Qphone QS02 Price & Full Specification


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    Qphone QS02 Price, Features & Full Specification! The Q phone brings a new mobile phone whose model QS02. This is a new model of Q phone. During this time, Everyone wants a low-cost phone that is just for talking. Though they have Android or others smartphone but need a button phone which will be used just for talking. Even if everyone has a smartphone, the less expensive button is used only by phone to talk.

    Qphone QS02

    Though there are many companies who bring the new mobile phone every day but our today’s topics about Qphone QS02. So here are we will show you all this mobile phone picture and some important specification which will be helpful for everyone. Today I will discuss on Qphone QS02 which is a new button phone of Qphone. So read this Qphone QS02 article properly to get the most important information about this mobile phone which will be helpful to everyone.


    Qphone QS02 Cpu MT6261DA. Here we will show some important features of this phone. The important things about this phone are the battery. This mobile phone’s battery is 5800mAh which will be able to keep running your phone for a long time. You can talk for a long time without a charging problem. Because this battery capacity is 5800mAh which is able to keep running your phone for a long time.

    Qphone QS02 CPU Type MT6261DA

    Qphone QS02 speaker quality good for the high sound. This phone has two light which power is very good. You can use it as a torchlight. It provides the better performance from some Torchlight. It supports dual sim which is EDGE (2G). The microphone quality is very good. It is able to record sound with the good quality. You have to remember that if your phone’s microphone quality is good, your sound will overcome On the other side with the best sound quality. Its role is very much. So here are we can say that it is the very most important thing for a mobile phone or smartphone. So be careful before purchasing.

    Qphone QS02 Price:

    The price of is the mobile phone is the chip. And you can get better performance to use this mobile phone. So here are we will show this mobile phone’s price.

    • Qphone QS02 Price in Bangladesh is 1,049 TK.
    • Qphone QS02 Price in India is 859 Indian Rupee.
    • And the price of this phone in Pakistan is 1,529 Pakistani Rupee.

    Here are we showed this mobile phone price in three countries which countries are Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. You can buy this mobile phone from the nearest local market. Now I have to conclude here the topics Qphone QS02. I’ll be back in front of you with a new topic which will be helpful.



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