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    Handwriting Day – Happy National Handwriting Day 2024


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    Handwriting Day – National Handwriting Day 2024! If today is January 23, this is Handwriting Day. Every Year, 23rd January is observed as National Handwriting Day. For observing this National day, you should know about this National Day’s history & also more information which is important if you want to observe this day.

    On this day, everyone search in the Internet Handwriting Day history, facts, images, greetings, messages, wishes & also more things. If you are one of them, you are in the right place to get this kind of information.

    National Handwriting Day 2024:

    National Handwriting Day began with introducing yourself to your pen or pencil and piece of paper. According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, this is an opportunity for everyone to rediscover the accuracy and power of handwriting.

    We all remember elementary school days slaving into handwriting worksheets, trying to get all these loops and curves right.


    National Handwriting Day was founded in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. Their purpose is to promote the cost of pen, pencil and paper writing. On January 23rd it was chosen as John Hancock’s birthday. the first person John Hancock who was to sign the Declaration of Independence.

    When is National Handwriting Day?

    We already know about this day’s history. From history we can say if today is 23rd January 2024, today is National Handwriting Day. Because every year 23 January observe this day as National Handwriting Day.

    How to observe:

    On this day Work on your handwriting and share those with your friends and others. Otherwise, you can also share something new expression by the handwriting to observe this day.

    Practice your creativity, write a letter to a loved one, share the love with a custom pen, or doodle in a notebook during a meeting, bend in style on vacation.

    But did you know that learning at handwriting school is more than skill? There are many benefits to handwriting with good creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and putting that good old fashioned pen to paper.

    Handwriting Day

    Every other day of the year we look at our keyboards and smartphones, let’s use National Handwriting Day as an opportunity to erase and write down an old pen or pencil.

    There is nothing like getting a letter or card written in the mail and unfortunately, it is becoming a lost industry. However, National Handwriting Day is an excellent time to raise from the dead the tradition!

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