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    National Day of Prayer 2023: History, Guide, Wishes, Greetings & More


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    National Day of Prayer 2023 – History, Celebration, Wishes, Messages, Images, Photos, Quotes, Greetings, SMS, Sayings, Pictures & Status are now available in this article. If you are really searching for this kind of information, you are now in the right place to get these kinds of latest news and information.

    Do you really want to know detailed information about this National day? If you agree, don’t worry. Here you will get detailed information of this day. Each year this day is observed in the United States of America in an exact day. If you want to know more kinds of information about this national day, please keep continuing this article attentively.

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    When is National Day of Prayer 2023?

    The National Day of Prayer is a very special celebration day for the United States people, which is annually celebrated on each First Thursday in May. So, this year will be observed this day on the First Thursday in May that is May 07, 2023.

    National Day of Prayer: History, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Saying & Status


    The United President is required by regulations to sign a proclamation each year that is for all United peoples and the about is to encouraging the all United States of American people to pray on this day. This national annual celebration was created by a congressional low in 1952 and regularly attended by the thousands of local events across the United StatesAmerica.

    National Day of Prayer

    Only the United people observe this day nationally each year in May month. National Prayer Day is an annual day of observance on the first Thursday of May nominated by Congress in the United States when people are asked to “return to God in prayer and meditation.”

    On this National day, people find wishes, messages, greetings & also more things. Not only these kinds of things people also find the national day of prayer guide, history, & such kinds of things that we already discussed.


    There are many people in the world but there are many ones who forget you and also forget to pray. But our God forgives us if we can pray in proper way and we don’t do forget to do pray and remember our God. But one thing you must have to remember that you have done many other things wrong things but our God forgive us. So, we should always pray to our God and always should have to apologize for anything wrong.

    Best National Day of Prayer Quotes 2023:

    Pray for our nation, lour leaders, our communicates, peoples.

    Pray Boldly & Say to God, Please help us, Please Save us, Please forgive us our sins.

    with the unbroken success, we have become self-sufficient enough to feel the need to deliver and preserve grace, so proud to pray to the God we have created.

    We have been receipts for the best level in heaven. We have been saved in peace and prosperity for many years. We have got in number, wealth, power, and also more things as no other nation has got before any generation. But we have forgotten God who made us. We also have forgotten the gracious hand that kept us in peace, safe and increased, enriched, and strengthened us. And we have freely imagined that, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, all these blessings were produced by some higher knowledge and our own qualities.

    Prayer is the only best thing to Proximity to God. So, do prayer each time to the God who made us. Don’t forget God. If you forget him, you will be lost all things from your world. And you have to also suffer in the future where you will never get heaven after your death.

    Man will not find peace unless he has unconditional and unconditional love for all creatures. Beside also have to pray to God for our nation.

    I know I’m not perfect, I know I sometimes forget to pray, I know sometimes I even lose my temper. But thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me another more change by giving another one more day to start again! You are a really great God. On this day We pray to you again Please forgive us for our sins.

    Satan can not have our Nation!

    National Day of Prayer Day Dates:

    Year Date Day
    2023 May 4 Thursday
    2024 May 2 Thursday
    2025 May 1 Thursday


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