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    Museum Selfie Day 2024 (21th January)! Launched by London blogger Mar Dixon, the trend of museum selfie days has gone global and since then has generated a plethora of creative posts on social media. Museums, archaic by nature, have always moved slowly to adopt new rules and regulations.

    They did not apply “no photography” marks to discourage flash images, which reduces the value of stored work. But in today’s high-sensitive smartphone camera world, many museums are relaxing their rules on photography to encourage more public engagement. Museum Selfie Day on January 21 is a perfect opportunity for people to be creative.

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    When is the Museum Selfie Day 2024?

    This is very good news for all selfie experts who love to take selfies. If you like to take selfies, you must have to know about this matter. Every year the Museum Selfie Day will be observed on January 21. And In the year 2024 January 21, Thursday will be observed this National day.

    Museum Selfie Day 2020 History:

    If you want to know about this day’s history, you must have to read this article properly. Because here we discussed the history of this matter.

    First Selfie:

    Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer of photography, for the first time to take his own portrait of the photographer in 1839.

    First Internet Selfie:

    In the year of 2002, An Australian doctor posted a picture of a face with a punctured bottom on his lower lip after falling over his head, saying that he apologized for the quality, it was a “selfie”.

    The artist reveals what the left hand is doing:

    In 2003, Italian media artist Alberta Frigo began to photograph every use of his right hand.

    First selfie camera in a phone:

    In the year 2003, The Sony Ericsson Z101 model mobile phone is the first to introduce the concept of a front camera.

    How to Observe Museum Selfie Day 2024?

    We are big fans of the classic museums that we all have had so much, but let’s not forget the other 35,000 museums in America. This is always memorable.

    Museum Selfie Day Image

    You can send your all friends by sending a good selfie to observe this National Museum Selfie Day in 2020. Another hand, you can share this article to introduce to your all friends who don’t know about this day.

    On the other hand, you can send your friends or another person by writing this message. Or you can share this article for knowing about this day.

    Happy Museum Selfie Day 2024

    Museum Selfie Day dates

    Year Date Day
    2021 January 21 Thursday
    2022 January 21 Friday
    2023 January 21 Saturday
    2024 January 21 Sunday
    2025 January 21 Tuesday
    2026 January 21 Wednesday
    2027 January 21 Thursday
    2028 January 21 Friday
    2029 January 21 Sunday
    2030 January 21 Monday


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