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    Huawei P30 Release Date, Price, Review, & Specifications


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    Huawei P30 Release Date, Price, Review, features, and Specifications! At this moment Huawei is the largest company who makes the smartphone and many others electronics product. Thought they make the many others product but at this moment Huawei company are making the good smartphone which is very good to use and has many attractive features on the smartphone.

    Huawei P30

    Huawei P30 smartphone is a new smartphone. And this smartphone not released. It may too late to release for developing more features or other performance. Here are we will explain this smartphone’s specification and it’s featured. Not only this features and the specification but also it’s expected price and the released date. So read this article properly to know more information on Huawei P30 smartphone device. Here we will discuss on this smartphone. So, I think here you should better to read this article properly. Then if you have any question on this Huawei P30 Release Date, Price, Review, features, and Specifications topics, you should better ask us using the comment box. Here you will be able to ask us any question or here you will be able to flash your opinion which you want to flash.

    Specification and Features:

    Huawei P30 Smartphone

    Huawei P30 smartphone comes with the Triple rear cameras 40MP + 24MP + 12MP and the 30MP front camera which will be the first time and the latest Android smartphone and its performance will be better. The features of this camera phase detection, 3x optical zoom, panorama, HDR, autofocus, LED flash. So here we can say that it’s camera resolution will be huge like as DSLR camera. It is a high-quality camera which will be able to take the good capture. Not only this but also this camera has many others features which will make your smartphone good for use anywhere. This the first time the Android phone which has triple rear cameras which will be able to take a good capture which will you like.

    The processor chipset of this smartphone will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which will be the first and latest and it will make your smartphone better to launch any program as quite and it will be able to run fast any program on your device. This processor cheapest is a good chipset that’s why if you make your smartphone very fast to use. It is high quality and the latest cheapest. The processor and its chipset is the main thing for performing a smartphone as a good. So it is one of the most important and very good processors for this smartphone.

    RAM 6GB/8GB which is high and better. The RAM makes your smartphone running fast. It will make your smartphone to run very fast. The RAM and the processor make your smartphone to running well and very fast. So it is the most important thing to run very fast on your smartphone. So here we can say that Huawei this model’s smartphone is good for the performing better.

    ROM is an important thing for the storage. Because you will be able to keep your any data on this smartphone on this storage. The ROM of this smartphone is 128GB/256GB. We know the ROM as an internal memory or storage. Because we can store our all kinds of data on this storage easily. So here we can say that if the ROM size is biggest in your smartphone, you will be able to keep the huge amount of data on your smartphone.

    Huawei P30 smartphone comes with the Android Oreo version which is Android 8.1 and you will be able to upgrade this smartphone Android 9.0 Operating system which will be the latest version Android Operating System. At this, the moment this version not released. But you will be able to upgrade when it will be available.

    The Display of this smartphone 6.2″ inches which are 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and it displays AMOLED. The pixel density of this phone 501PPI. The aspect ratio of this phone 20:0 and this display’s clarity is good which is Ultra HD. The image of this screen will be smooth which will make good to see.

    Huawei P30 smartphone has 5000mAh Non-removable Li-ion Battery which will keep running your smartphone for the long time to use. You will be able to talk for a long time on this battery. Cause it’s battery performance and capacity 5000mAh which is able to run your smartphone for a long time. For charging this smartphone very fast it supports quick charging (Quick Charge 4.0). You will be able to charge quickly your battery.

    Huawei P30 Release Date:

    Huawei P30 is a new model smartphone of Huawei. And this smartphone is not released. Here we will not be able to say the specific date of this smartphone release date. Cause at this moment it is a rumor. That’s why we can not say the specific date of this smartphone release date. But here we can expect it’s release date. So here we will flash our expected date for this smartphone which may the same as actual.

    Huawei P30 Smartphone

    At this moment, we will flash our expected date for this smartphone which may the same date for this smartphone. Actually, it will not the actual date, it is our expected date. Cause this smartphone release date not fixed. So here we expect that this smartphone may release in October 2019. Otherwise, it can be too late for developing more feature on this Huawei P30 smartphone. So wait until this smartphone release date. We hope that this smartphone will be released as soon as possible.

    Huawei P30 Price:

    Though Huawei P30 Price not fixed, here we can expect this smartphone price which may be the same price as actual. Because Huawei this model smartphone’s price not fixed that why here we will show you all our expected date of this smartphone.

    Huawei P30 Release Date, Price, Review, & Specifications 1

    We expect that

    Huawei P30 Price in Bangladesh 84,990 Taka
    Huawei P30 Price in Sri Lanka 160930 Rupee
    And Huawei P30 Price in China
    6859 Chinese Yuan

    The others countries the price of Huawei P30:

    Huawei P30 Price in Afghan 73846 Afghan Afghani, Argentina 27890 Argentine Peso, Australia 1365 Australian Dollar, Canada 1333 Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong 7952 Hong Kong Dollar, Iraq 1200501 Iraqi Dinar, Malaysia 4115 Malaysian Ringgit, Nepal 110927 Nepalese Rupee, New Zealand 1487 New Zealand Dollar, Saudi 3795 Saudi Riyal, Singapore 1380 Singapore Dollar, and Huawei P30 Price in India 69639 Indian Rupee.

    Here are we tries to show you all some countries Price of Huawei P30. If you have any kinds of question on Huawei P30 topics, you should better to ask us in the comment box. We will always try to reply to all the comments as soon as possible. So write in the comment box which you want to ask us. Or here you can flash your opinion on this topics and always stay with us.


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