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    BTEB SSC Result 2020 Technical Education Board Marksheet


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    BTEB SSC Result 2020 Technical Education Board Marksheet published! Bangladesh Technical Education Board SSC examination result will be published as soon as possible by the government / official website. You can collect your outcome from the official website or you can get your exam outcome by the SMS or online system. So, you have to continue this content to know this kind of information.

    There are 9 regional boards and two alternative education board in Bangladesh. And the Technical Education Board is one of them from the two alternative education board. Under this education board, there are many students are exist and they are attained in the examination. So, everyone is waiting for getting their exam score as early as possible.

    Today is the day for them to getting their examination result. You can collect your examination result under this BTEB easily when the officially publish the result. To know the instructions for getting the score as easy as possible, you should continue this article properly. Without continue this article, you could not gather any kind of knowledge to get your exam score.

    So, you should follow this guideline to get your SSC examination result under this Technical Education Board. You can also know, how to find SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh Technical Board by EIIN Number? So, you can find this kind of information from here easily.

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    SSC Vocational Result 2020 – BTEB

    How can we get SSC Vocational Result 2020 very fast? This is the most popular question by the people. So, you should continue this content to know about this. You everyone already know that the SSC Vocation result & BTEB result are the same things. So, you should not have any kind of confusion about this matter.

    If you are searching for the BTEB SSC Vocational Result, at this moment you are now the right place. Because you will get all kinds of instructions to collect your examination outcome easily. After the examination everyone gots a long time enjoying the time. Now today is the day for knowing the score of your exam. So, this is a very important day for every Secondary School Certificate examiner.

    If you are an examiner under Vocational, you can collect your examination outcome easily and very fast before everyone. Though there are many methods to collect your examination outcome we bring here two methods. But from this website, you can collect your result by also more alternative methods to get your Secondary School Certificate Result in the year 2020.

    BTEB SSC Result by Online – Vocational

    In this generation almost students use smart mobile phones. So, there is no doubt that they could collect their outcome from so far. Because this era is a digital era. So, everyone can collect their SSC score from anywhere. And they could also print the result easily. So, this is a very good and easy method to get their examination outcome very fast.

    BTEB Vocational SSC Result

    SSC Result 2020 BTEB by the online system:

    • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the board. So, visit this “” site.
    • Then, You will see the input information.
    • Now you have to “SSC Vocational / SSC Dakhil”.
    • Then input the year “2020”.
    • And, select the Roll and Registration.
    • Then fill the captcha code.
    • Finally, click on “Submit”

    If you can complete all processes properly, you will be able to see your result as early as possible if the servery is not getting busy.

    SSC Vocational Result 2020

    You can select anyone for getting your Vocational SSC Result in the year 2020. By these two types, you can see the Technical Board option exists. So, you can select one between these two options.

    An alternative way to get Bangladesh Technical Education Board Result:

    • At the present time, you have to visit the “” website.
    • Now select Examination: SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
    • And select the Year: 2020 & Board: Technical
    • Next select Result Type: Individual Result (If applicable)
    • Now fill the Roll & Registration(Optional and for Marksheet)
    • Then fill the security key from the image and finally, click on the Get Result

    SSC Result 2020 Vocational / BTEB Check by SMS:

    Very easy way to collect your Vocational / BTEB SSC Result 2020 very fastly. Under this education board, the students can collect their examination results very fastly without facing any kind of problem. You everyone can collect your SSC Result under the BTEB or Vocational you can get your outcome by the GP, BL, Airtel, Teletalk, Robi SIM card. So, follow all the steps to get your result.

    How to check BTEB SSC Result 2020 by SMS?

    • Firstly go to your mobile phone message option, now type “SSC <Space> TEC <Space> Roll <Space> 2020”
    • Then send it to “16222”
    • If can send the message successfully, you will be charged maybe 2TK + VAT+SD.
    • And later you will get feedback by the SMS where you will get your result information.

    For an example: SSC <Space> TEC <Space> 658535 <Space> 2020 → Send to 16222.

    BTEB SSC Result 2020 Marksheet Download PDF:

    If you want to collect your SSC Vocational (Technical Board) Exam Result 2020, you can collect your examination outcome very fastly with Marksheet. So, you must have to follow the online method. I already showed the two alternative methods to collect your examination result as early as possible.

    In the result day, the official server gets many requests from the users. So, sometimes the server gets very busy. So, you can follow the alternative method that I already shoed as the alternative method. By following these two online methods, you will be able to get your BTEB SSC Result 2020 very fast before everyone.

    How to get SSC Vocational / BM Result very fast by Teletalk, GP, BL, Robi, Airtel:

    To get your SSC Vocational/BM result super fastly, you must have to follow the SMS system. Because this day the official server gets very busy. So, you should better to collect your examination outcome by SMS. The best will be Teletalk SIM. So, you should send SMS by the Teletalk SIM for getting the Vocational SSC Result.


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