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    Android 10 (Q) version Operating System Developed by Google


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    Android 10 version Release Date, Features & also more information! At this time, here we will discuss the new Operating System which comes with the massive features. In sequence maybe they releasing their new Operating System. Here we hope that the next version of the OS which is Android 10. This Android 10 version Operating System whose name could be Android 10. The Operating System is an important thing for any device. It is a very important thing that’s why the Operating System version features must be best for use.

    Android Q Version

    The new and the upcoming version of the Operating System name might be Android 10 or Android Q. Because it will be the 10th version of the Operating System. But X later sounds uncommon. So, here we are expecting that the Q latter may the next version of the Android new Operating System version.

    Android Q (Android 10) version Operating System (OS)

    This new version of the Operating System which is coming with the best features. Though in this time this Android 10 version OS name which we are not clear properly. But we hope that this will might be between X and Q latter.


    • Dark Theme
    • Focus Mode
    • Family Link
    • Gesture Navigation
    • Location Controls
    • Live Caption
    • Privacy Controls
    • Security Updates
    • Smart Reply
    • Sound Amplifier

    Just now, it is not known what features might be included in the upcoming Android 2019 version OS. But here we can expect that the new version of the OS which might have to the extraordinary features. Because day by day the smartphone company releasing its new smartphone with a good configuration. That’s why it is a very important thing about the high-performance smartphone.

    Keep the touch with the technology the Android Operating System is developing day by day and including many features which are very important for everyone.

    Android 10 (Android 10) Release Date

    The new Android Operating System comes with amazing features for the user. The exact Initial release date: September 3, 2019. Here we hope that this version OS will be exist many kinds of new features. We hope that the Android Q (Android 10) version will be the latest and the high specs features include new version OS.


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